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Drying Kilns

We offer traditional wood drying kilns of a high efficency and proben quality.

Fitosanitary treatment. Wooden packaging must be exposed during 30 minutos , to 56 degrees of temperature in the thickest parts of the wood. To reach this, from 2 to 4 hours are needed depending of the exterior temperature.  The chamber has 6 temperature sensors, as well as humidity sensors which are permanently giving information to the electronic control so that to administrate different values.

After the required time has ended, the equipment turns automatically off and a certificate is produce by the printing device.

We offer drying kilns with or without the classic boiler, neither the air to air chamber. With direct gas or diesel burners temperature raises up quite fast and the treatment time becomes shorter as fuel consumtion goes down quite a lot. Besides that this technology eliminates many moving parts, tubings, valves, water pumps, etc.

Less maintenance, less components.